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  • Just One Piece

    i try to pick up just one piece every day the way i reckon it.. there are a little more than 6 and a half billion people on the planet – … a couple years ago during a beach sweep around the world, volunteers picked up 7.7 million pieces of trash – … […]

  • TV for the rest of the world

    In a couple months, the US is going to switch from analog to digital tv. So what are we going to do with all of that equipment? Not you and me (our tv sets..) I’m talkig about all of the broadcasting equipment at the stations. There must be at least a couple stations in each […]

  • Best of the Best Restaurant

    I go to McDonalds for the sausage egg biscuits in the morning…I go to Hal’s for the cheese burgers…I go to Tim Horton’s for the coffee…I go to Pete’s Coffee for the bran muffins…yada yada yada…..if surveyed, I bet only 10% of the menu at every restaurant is ever really utilized…so why not create a […]

  • Parking Garage Green Space

    The most densely populated urban areas are where a vast majority of above ground parking garages are found. These same densely populated urban areas also happen to be the places that are hurting the most for green space. Why not build a superficial, extra floor on existing parking garages to include grass, trees, and bodies […]


    the web address is sorted. The concept is growing in my head. is free to use and share and edit. It is a place to make a plan. The site will have 2 modules, personal and business, and will be public or private. I like the power and presentation of this wiki engine as […]

  • Business Wiki

    Originally, the idea was to be an open source idea portal. A business wiki, if you will. It came from the need to put all of my ideas some place. I am a real estate broker. It’s how I make my living and I’m good at it and I love it. I know that I […]

  • Bicycle Ipod Dock

    You pedal and it charges the not only the ipod, but also powers the amp and speaker system…whoop whoop! There went the neighborhood!! Chris Kelley is my cohort on this one 🙂 and put together the images. He puts together some sick mographs!!!

  • Bathroom Buddy

    Did you ever wrap the bar of soap with your wash rag, so that the rag always stays soapy? It works real well, but it looks kinda funny… Enter “Bathroom Buddy” Small (the size of a standard bar of soap) terry cloth pouch with a velcro lined door to slide the bar into. Works like […]

  • Solar Powered Ipod Duck

    Why is it, that every time I wanna hear my tunes, I gotta have some sort of batteries or a wall to plug into??? Why not combine this with this go ahead and look for it…it doesn’t exist…yet

  • Ideas Need To Be Shared

    I feel that some ideas need to be shared. If you have the means and drive to built them…go at it with vigor