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  • Morning

    It used to drive my Dad mad. Simply crazy! He was always a morning man, waking up at ‘O:dark, thirty’ before the rest of creatures began to stir. Grand Dad had similar ideas. He would proclaim that getting a jump on a long drive was good to do before the sun came up, ‘That night […]

  • Never mind “On The Air’, I’m thinking about the down time..

    I have been a salesman my entire life. You can read a bit more about the history in that regard here, or if you know me, you know that to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In any event, lately, I am honored to be working for in Business […]

  • Windows

    The windows are open and I hear a chirp from the yard. Night. Enough smoke from the fire to know its a good one. Fat dog listening, only moving eyes. Slow breeze on the cusp of spring. Lea’s smile.

  • Day 1 – Why I feel compelled to share (30 Day Challenge)

  • Clamdigger Rugby

    Somewhere around $2,000 per year is what the university usually allocates to the boys to buy jerseys, pay tourny entrance fees, pay refs, etc. Not this year. In light of the recent team swigiblylou, they’ll not receive those funds this coming season..and we don’t know about the next one. There are a few bucks in […]

  • 16 Tons

    Just me and pops doin a little sangin on a sunday.. 16 Tons from Aaron Davis on Vimeo.

  • Goslings

    Little neighbors 😉 Neighbors 😉 from Aaron Davis on Vimeo.

  • New Year’s Resolutions

    I like today!  While I feel big changes and resolutions can be made and met on any day, there is nothing wrong than picking the 1st day of the year to reflect and plan. That’s what I did today. At the coffee shop I learned the Brazilian custom of wearing white and tossing a white […]

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – El día ocho, nueve y diez: What do I need?

    I had laid down the night before with a scratchy throat.  I knew what it meant.  It meant I was getting sick and that it was going to suck for a few days. I was right. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before Christmas would be spent laying around the house, sick as a dog. I fucking […]

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – El día seis: Saturday Is A Rugby Day

    I was still a bit frumpy when I woke on Saturday morning.  I couldn’t get over this guy that tried to rent me a bike with flat tires and was a bit frustrated at the difficulty in finding a decent used pair of wheels in a city so large. Sigh. Outside, Vicky and Nico were […]