Never mind “On The Air’, I’m thinking about the down time..

I have been a salesman my entire life. You can read a bit more about the history in that regard here, or if you know me, you know that to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

In any event, lately, I am honored to be working for in Business Development and Sales. That means that among other things, I am required to speak to quite a few good folks on the phone sharing the benefits of how our software can make running a Yoga Studio much simpler while retaining more students.

If you have ever done phone sales before, you know that some times it can be difficult to find a groove and get on the phone and more importantly, stay on the phone for extended periods of time. When I first started in sales via the phone I would try to monitor my “On The Air’ time in an effort to make the most of my day. This can be a good method, but I’ve found something that helps me a bit more.

Monitor the time I am not on the phone.

It’s a pretty simple process. I set up sprints for myself lasting 50 minutes to make calls and I set my phone to lock the screen after a minute. Thus, after I hang up on a call, I have exactly 60 seconds to make another call before it locks. In the event it locks, I owe myself 10 pushups.

They add up. Quick.

I tally the number of times this happens and at the end of the 50 minute sprint, I crunch out the number of push ups I’ve accumulated. My shoulders are thanking me for the exercise, but that’s not the point.

The result is being ever aware of my down time, thus I end up spending more time on the phone spreading the good word.

Onward and upward!