I grew up in Garner, North Carolina, which is outside Raleigh.  And had fun as a boy.  Incredible parents and awesome sister. The end of my street was 5,000 acres of forest.  I was always building things and taking things apart.  Community swimming pool a few streets over and good schools in town and football and soccer and lots of time in that forest.  Learned a lot about myself there.

High school was an awkward strange time for me that I am yet to fully understand.  I always felt out of place.  I was glad when it was finally over.


After a brief stint at Barton College in Wilson, NC I transferred to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington to focus on a degree in business management and finance.  Now, that was fun.  For the first time I fell in love with school.  And I started a business and found rugby and participated in all kinds of clubs and groups on campus.  Life long friendships were forged that I cherish today.  It really was great.

Upon graduation I floundered a bit before building a house with the help of my family and friends, trying my hands at semi-pro football, and starting another business.  But after a few years, I was ready for something different.  I’d been in Wilmington nearly 10 years all told and my feet got itchy.


California called.  Sold both companies and kissed NC good bye.  Joined the incredible lads at Santa Monica Rugby Club won the Division 1 National Championship. Twice.  I had a small two bed room flat in Venice beach a couple blocks from the sand.  With parking.  And most of my neighbors were good people. I had my real estate brokers license and worked out of the Sotheby’s Brentwood office.  I learned a ton and business was good.  I also started to learn basic code and system operations and built a few web based businesses.  I ran LA Hacker News for a few years.  And learned to sail.  A pretty nasty ankle injury encouraged me to hang my cleats up for good.


While recuperating my friend Rene Merideth and I came up with the idea for software that could identify and organize metadata for the music industry.  The company would be called Exploration.


Exploration grew and I was ready for a change of home base after 13 years in Los Angeles.  And I wanted to be closer to family.

I’ve moved.  I bought a forest hideaway just outside Nashville, Tennessee.  And so far it’s awesome.

And I think everything is better when you share it with others you care about.

Find me on FacebookInstagram, Linkedinemail or drop me a line – 310-663-2865.

Stay close and take good care.



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  1. Hi Aaron,
    Welcome to Fernvale! My name is Mark Beasley & I am one of the lifelong locals. I live in Fairview now but I lived in Fernvale my whole childhood. Where Ferntop is is where I was raised. My Dad built the red brick house there in 1963. I grew up there until I went to the Marine Corps. Upon my return my Mom passed away & my Dad sold the home place. Both sets of my Grandparents were from Fernvale as well. My Mom was raised right across from you where the Mike Born place is. It was an old farmhouse then. I also have a band, Age Of Reason. We have one album out and should have our next album ready for release by the end of the year. Check us out at: Just wanted to give you a little info on myself and welcome you to Fernvale. We call it God’s Country! Some also call it the Big Valley!

  2. Your name popped in my head today and brought me to the post about William. Such a beautiful, touching post.

    Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the fresh air.

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