This is a standing invitation: if you want to talk business, I want to talk to you.

Find me on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, Linkedinemail or drop me a line – 615-787-3436. I strongly prefer email as a communication method to start.

A few notes about contacting me:

  • I love making new friends and thinking about new ideas. I promise your email is not disturbing me in any way. The only downside to reaching out is that I might not reply. And that wouldn’t be because of you…it’s just that I am very busy with my current obligations and I simply do not have time to parse all of the communication and information requests I receive.
  • I really enjoy spirited debate, in person. I do not debate in written form online.
  • I like meeting people in Nashville, TN. I live about 30 minutes south of downtown, near Leiper’s Fork, and my office is near Music Row/Vanderbilt. If you are in Music City and want to talk business, I’ll buy you coffee, no questions asked.