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  • Buenos Aires – El cuarto día

    I woke around 9am, a bit fuzzy from the night before, and got straight to work.  I have so much catching up to do.  I, admittedly, have let my business slide somewhat in the last few months, lieu of the EMT course and lack of Internet and need to get caught up.  I worked with […]

  • Buenos Aires – El día tres

    My new flat was 25 blocks from my hostel so I cabbed it.  Quick and easy, I arrived and was buzzed up to the 3rd floor of the building.  Vicky was out of town for work, so it would only be Nico and I for a few days.  He was great.  He gave me the […]

  • Buenos Aires or Bust..

    I have fantasized about this place for many years.  When I moved to Los Angeles in the spring of 2005, I met a fair lass, Sabrina, from Argentina and was introduced to bits and pieces of the culture.  Mate in the morning, empanadas in the afternoon and dancing, among other things, until late at night. […]

  • Library Closed?

    [EDIT – I am very proud to be getting the excellent education that I am at CFCC.  I am however disappointed that the library’s hours are not open as much as I would like.  Perhaps I was a bit harsh with all of the language, et al.  I’ll do better with that..] I am currently […]

  • Making Edits

    I’ve reorganized my personal site as a hub for my endeavors.  Please be patient as I make it just right and do have a look around.

  • 30 Day Challenge: Read 5 New Books

    I want to read more. I want to learn to write better, so I am going to read more. I asked my friends on facebook, twitter, and linkeden what their suggestions were and got back a ton of great reads…and a few funny ones. Now, I am not very likely to pickup something that I […]

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – El día seis: Saturday Is A Rugby Day

    I was still a bit frumpy when I woke on Saturday morning.  I couldn’t get over this guy that tried to rent me a bike with flat tires and was a bit frustrated at the difficulty in finding a decent used pair of wheels in a city so large. Sigh. Outside, Vicky and Nico were […]

  • X Country

    x country from Aaron Davis on Vimeo. This video is currently private.  Please contact me to view it.  Thanks.

  • The Smart Orb – Control Your Computer With A Comfortable Smart Orb

    Computers, the internet, media…its not always sitting on the desk in front of you. There is a better tool to navigate when not conveniently sitting at a desk. The Smart Orb I often connect my computer to my flat screen or projector. Ive got a wireless keyboard, but really, what is going on with the […]

  • Bling Toothpaste

    I was giving my grill a little attention this morning and thought, as I developed a good lather, about what it would be like to have some platinum fronts for a day. just a little shine for my mouth piece. a little twinkle. and then it hit me why not infuse some glitter/sparkle/shiny fleck edible […]