The Smart Orb – Control Your Computer With A Comfortable Smart Orb

Computers, the internet, media…its not always sitting on the desk in front of you. There is a better tool to navigate when not conveniently sitting at a desk.

The Smart Orb

I often connect my computer to my flat screen or projector. Ive got a wireless keyboard, but really, what is going on with the mouse? Poor thing is all over the place. It doesn’t sit well.

Imagine the smooth surface you use to direct the pointer on a laptop, wrapped around a tennis ball.  It would feel kinda like a wetsuit, only a bit firmer.

Upon picking it up, your thumb and fingers would be “mapped” (the same way you configure a palm pilot when you turn it on for the first time).  Longitudely and latitudinally from the point of your thumb, it orientates itself to your hand.

No matter how you hold it, you control the mouse pointer with your thumb, by rubbing it over the surface similar to a track ball.  You click by tapping a finger, any finger, or squeezing it or any variation thereof.  Everyone’s hand is different sized and shaped. Lefty’s or righty’s.  Handicapped. But the Orb doesn’t mind.

Think about holding one while giving a presentation..or sitting on the couch surfing..or gaming with a blue tooth headset on..

It would feel right in your hand.