Buenos Aires – El cuarto día

I woke around 9am, a bit fuzzy from the night before, and got straight to work.  I have so much catching up to do.  I, admittedly, have let my business slide somewhat in the last few months, lieu of the EMT course and lack of Internet and need to get caught up.  I worked with a couple of the writers to come up with new posts for our corporate blog and began to configure the architecture of my site redesign.  I wanted to be done with it within the next month..I’d have to get busy!

At around 2pm I left our house to go to the American Express Headquarters to exchange travelers cheques.  The place was a zoo and had more security than the immigration posts at the airport.   In fact, they held my passport when I went to the bathroom.  Not sure what they thought the danger was, but I wasn’t prepared to bitch with them.  I found it rather comical and complied..they did not have my sense of humor, of course, and refused to break smiles.   I was the last person they let in the building as the banks close at 3pm.  I fell in line behind a fella from Los Angeles that owned property near Iguazu and also a gal from the UK that was headed for a private cruise to Antarctica.  They both were super cool.  We chatted for a while, in total we were in line together for over 1 1/2 hours, and ultimately exchanged contact info with hopes of crossing paths again some day.

In leaving, I went to Florida street, a big shopping district and found a bike rental shop.  Riiight.  They wanted $200USD to rent the bike for the month.  I laughed as I asked whether or not they felt that was expensive..no reply, with a eyeing toward the door.  I got the message and laughed my way right out.  I’ve had a habit of that..When I feel something, a policy or rule or price is what I believe to be unfair, I ask those who impose it if they feel the same way.  As if to justify to myself that my belief is true.  A win, in my boook, is to have a representative of the other side agree with me in secret and then apologize.  I like to smile with them, grab both their hands and look them in the eye, say thank you and leave.  Its always been my thing..

I checked out the Obelisk of Buenos Aires and found a nice spot on the street to read for a while.  I found it surprisingly nice to read surrounded by concrete just as much as the plants of the botanical gardens a few days earlier.  I ate some fruit, drank plenty of water, and fancied a smoke every now and then.  Life was good.

The subway ride home was short and I was ready for bed not long after that.  I don’t think I even saw Nico that evening..