Just One Piece

i try to pick up just one piece every day

the way i reckon it..

there are a little more than 6 and a half billion people on the planet – http://tinyurl.com/c9o3ld

a couple years ago during a beach sweep around the world, volunteers picked up 7.7 million pieces of trash – http://tinyurl.com/dyxjop

allow, if you will…

half of those 6 1/2 billion people are able bodied people that understand and comprehend the need to live in a world that free of litter and trash – what the benefits are and what the consequences are of the alternative …that leaves about 3 billion folks

stay with me.

given that around 8 million pieces of trash were found in a sweep at the world’s beaches in a day…how many pieces might be laying on the ground all over the place? is it 100 times? 1,000 times as many…it might not be this high, but what if there were 10,000 times as many pieces of trash on the ground from shoreline to shoreline, stretching around the earth. think about the cities and the sprawling suburbs. think about the urban centers that stretch for 100′s of miles … tokyo, mexico city, los angeles, mumbia, manila…that is a lot of trash …77 billion pieces. 77 BILLION PIECES OF TRASH! now that is a lot of trash…or is it.. .

you still tracking with me??

you see, if we and the rest of those 3 billion sharp and able bodied people pick up a piece of trash a day, the world would be clean in…well…right at 26 days

read that one more time. if half of everyone that was breathing air right now picked up just one…just one…piece of trash a day…the world would be clean in under a month

that’s right, lean down and pick up just one piece of rubbish, that may not even be yours, and toss it in the bin.

help this mother earth.

i believe in us

i try to pick up just one piece of trash a day

just one piece



please let someone you care about know of this idea…for you, for them, for our mother earth