Business Wiki

Originally, the idea was to be an open source idea portal. A business wiki, if you will. It came from the need to put all of my ideas some place. I am a real estate broker. It’s how I make my living and I’m good at it and I love it. I know that I will never have the time and energy to initiate and complete all of my ideas (i have 100′s of them every day), but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be fleshed out. Some of them are really good. Some of them can probably make real money. Some of them might be able to change the way we work, play, and live. So I wanted a place to post them. I place where other people can see them and use them and add to them. If someone actually uses, what a concept, an idea and makes a million dollars, good on them.

Soo, I’m going to build it. The way it should be. It’s an idea to support ideas. The web app will be a place for people to build out and collaborate on ideas. To use them and share them. To talk about, consult, and critique them in a format that is easy to edit and understand. It’s coming soon.