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  • Fine Points – 35

    Do you know about business credit?  – Exploration, of which I am the CEO, is healthy and growing.  Entering our sixth year, we have always been in the black and funded our own expansion.  And I am curious to learn about business credit to potentially further fuel our growth. Perhaps you or someone you know […]

  • Pulling the string on the neon sign

    On Main Street one would see an open sign.  The sign would be on and you would see it and know Jill business operator had come to work. The window display was changed and you’d know they were thinking about what was new and special.  You knew that when you walked in that you would […]

  • Morning

    It used to drive my Dad mad. Simply crazy! He was always a morning man, waking up at ‘O:dark, thirty’ before the rest of creatures began to stir. Grand Dad had similar ideas. He would proclaim that getting a jump on a long drive was good to do before the sun came up, ‘That night […]

  • Never mind “On The Air’, I’m thinking about the down time..

    I have been a salesman my entire life.  You can read a bit more about the history in that regard here, or if you know me, you know that to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In any event, lately, I am honored to be working for in Business […]

  • The Monthly Bug – Inspiration Edition

    Lots of things inspire me. Making a positive change in my life is inspires me to make more. Video (Day 1) Video (Day 30) Playing rugby with my friends inspires me to deepen relationships. Photo Visiting the Smithsonian inspires me to learn. Photo Witnessing the raw power of Mother Nature inspires me to respect.  Photo Listening […]

  • 30 Day Challenge Update

    I have reached my quota for HD videos with Vimeo, however I have infact been true to my committment and have been posting them daily to my Facebook profile.  Friend me to follow along 🙂 Stay up

  • Day 4 – I’m listening to my gut (30 Day Challenge)

    VID00101 from Aaron Davis on Vimeo. I go off on a few tangents in this installment of my 30 day challenge, but the theme of today is to listen to my gut. So, by the time this video is published, I’ll have resigned from my firm of almost 5 years.  I enjoyed my time there, […]

  • Day 3 – Just laugh (30 Day Challenge)

    Day 3 – Just laugh (30 Day Challenge) from Aaron Davis on Vimeo. In my effort to stop smoking, which I have, I have done my best to stay busy. Industry, or the act of being industrious, seems to be a great tool for focusing the mind on things other than that which I am […]

  • Day 2 – 65% and getting after it (30 Day Challenge)

    VID00101 from Aaron Davis on Vimeo. In the video, I talk about not feeling 100% today, but that I’m committed to staying on track. It feels good. So, by the time I am done with my walk, thinking and verbalizing what I am thankful for in my life, and then having a bit of breakfast […]

  • Using a credit card to pay rent?

    I had this idea yesterday.. What about a site that allow you to pay your rent with your credit card (there are some but they aren’t marketed the way I’m thinking) Sell the concept on the auspice of being able to reap the rewards from your credit card (frequent flyer miles or whatever rewards).  That’s […]