Using a credit card to pay rent?

I had this idea yesterday..

What about a site that allow you to pay your rent with your credit card (there are some but they aren’t marketed the way I’m thinking)

Sell the concept on the auspice of being able to reap the rewards from your credit card (frequent flyer miles or whatever rewards).  That’s a ton load of points a year at just a $1,000 monthly rent..probably worth a trip at least a year

Market it on or other online forums where people are discussing frequent flyer miles and other reward programs
Market it to the developers/owners of big complexes on the auspice of convenience to their tenants

Either one or a hybrid (depending on how the negotiation goes with the landlord prior to their first tenancy) can absorb the fees.

The company providing the service charges a small..really small fee and then automatically pay the bill by check.  We create 30-60 day back flow of funds from fees and then make interest on that

Never any inventory + automated deployment of checks = streamlined business with low maintenance

In this economy, I bet lots of people would like/attempt to put their rent on a credit card to defer expense, in addition to getting something out of paying it in the first place.

I have put in calls to friends/colleagues that work in private banks to see what their take is, as I believe this sort of thing would most certainly need to be managed by a bank and not an independent person or company.

Responses from advisers so far have been:

Risk of charge backs
Credit card processing fees make margins to slim or even negative
Red tape and/or legislation

What are you thoughts on this idea?