Day 4 – I’m listening to my gut (30 Day Challenge)

VID00101 from Aaron Davis on Vimeo.

I go off on a few tangents in this installment of my 30 day challenge, but the theme of today is to listen to my gut.

So, by the time this video is published, I’ll have resigned from my firm of almost 5 years.  I enjoyed my time there, but it was time for me to move on.  It was a leap of faith, as I do not completely have the future mapped out and I am uncertain as to how the resignation will play out.

But, I must honor myself.  I had a very insightful conversation this morning about just that.  It wasn’t overly lengthy, but the its value was incredibly high.  It boiled down to this – Not being honored by others is OK, because we don’t have control over anyone other than ourselves.  But, when we don’t honor ourselves, that is when the real damage occurs.

So, while I have many many friends from my time at Sotheby’s, it is time to part ways.  Perhaps I’ll get into why on another day, but that isn’t what’s important today.  I hope that they all continue to provide excellent service for their clients and are able to realize incredible success for themselves.  Well,  most of them at least..there are a couple that I hope get fat and lose all their hair.

For me it’s a bit scary.  In fact, as I write this my heart is beating fast.  Having fear of the unknown is normal, I suppose.  But, as I listen to my gut, I know its the right thing to do.  Its a leap of faith in my effort to do right to myself and to do right to those that deserve it.

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