The Monthly Bug – Inspiration Edition

Lots of things inspire me.

Making a positive change in my life is inspires me to make more. Video (Day 1) Video (Day 30)

Playing rugby with my friends inspires me to deepen relationships. Photo

Visiting the Smithsonian inspires me to learn. Photo

Witnessing the raw power of Mother Nature inspires me to respect.  Photo

Listening to one of my favorite bands in a small venue with a ridiculous sound system inspires me pay greater attention to the small things . Video

However, these events pale in comparison to the inspiration manifested by watching my only sister hold her 2 day old daughter.

On September 25, 2010 at 8:27 am Kalina Louise Racheva was introduced to the world.   She has a full head of dark hair, a humbling dimple in her right cheek, long thin fingers (and toes) that will be perfect for the piano, and spirited vocal cords.

Elizabeth, Danail, and Kalina are all healthy and happy.

I’m amazed and proud and thrilled and excited and nervous and…inspired!

Stay close,