Category: The Monthly Bug

  • The Monthly Bug – Sports + Quick Bag Edition

    I’m keeping things sharp and tight these days.  It’s keeping me focused on what’s important to me right now. A full on rugby season is eminent. Goals: 1-stay in one piece 2-win a lot 3-laugh a lot I’d love to see you at a game.  Here’s the schedule. While my weight has stayed the same (approx – […]

  • The Monthly Bug – Inspiration Edition

    Lots of things inspire me. Making a positive change in my life is inspires me to make more. Video (Day 1) Video (Day 30) Playing rugby with my friends inspires me to deepen relationships. Photo Visiting the Smithsonian inspires me to learn. Photo Witnessing the raw power of Mother Nature inspires me to respect.  Photo Listening […]

  • The Monthly Bug – Sales + Change Edition (Video)

    I’ve gone on a bit in the last few installments of the Monthly Bug about my passion for real estate, learning, and marketing..but after much reflection, I realize I might be spreading a bit of a mixed signal. Yes, its true, I absolutely love those industries, but my interests span much wider than that. In the last […]

  • The Monthly Bug – Buffalo Edition

    I know you’re busy, so I’ll get right to it.. You may know that I have my little paws pretty deep into the real estate, online education, and internet marketing games. These industries excite me for a number of reasons, but never mind me for right now. Today, I just want to pass along some […]