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  • The Monthly Bug – Tools Edition

    To reconnect has been great.  Even though I know cool stuff and interesting interactions are always a result, it still always amazes me of what comes from simply reaching out to others.  This past month has been no different. Among other things, I have been asked what some of the tools I use are.. Here […]

  • Small Business SEO Case Studies

    I have been working my behind off learning SEO.  I’ve been reading as much as I possibly can about best practices, trends, and black vs grey vs white hat methodology..and a lot of rather technical stuff in between. I’m no expert and I do not claim to be. However, I am learning some really cool […]

  • The Monthly Bug Is Back

    I know, I know…its been a while. In fact, I think its been 16 months since the last installment of The Monthly Bug. Yes, I miss you, too. Some of you may ask, “What is this bug all about and why have I received it?” To which I reply, “Keep on reading..”  A handful of […]

  • Reconnection with each of my contacts – Update #1

    It’s been a little over a month ago since I committed to reconnecting with each of my contacts.  You can read the post where I laid out the parameters of the project here. The progress has been relatively slow, however even still, the response has been rather fortuitous . I was able to make it […]

  • Connecting with each of my contacts, friends, connections, and followers

    Without question, the relationships I have forged in my life are one of my strongest assets.  I’m going to reengage with each of them, personally. Today, I have: 1,393 Contacts in my phone 1,046 Facebook Friends 96 Twitter Followers 326 Linkedin Connections Granted, I may not have personally met with each of them.  Some of […]

  • Sales Software

    I’m using right now to manage my sales pipeline. I like it. It has lots of bells and whistles.  I’ve used Act! and Outlook and Gmail with Gcal. All of them get it done, but they are to much.  To many bells and whistles. I appreciate fancy reports and the ability to add one’s […]

  • Post From My Phone

    I’ve just added a plugin to allow for publishing to my blog from my blackberry, or any phone. This is just a test to see how well it works.

  • Request: I need birthday wishes from my friends around the globe

    Clifton (Chip) Farrior Davis III, my dad, turns 60 on April 23rd.  If you have moment, please send me a little diddy wishing him well or perhaps a photo of yourself, “happy b-day” and perhaps your location scrawled on a piece of paper. Send an email, a text, comment below on this blog, facebook, twitter, […]