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  • Five Points – 52 (Final Edition)

    Final Edition – This is the final edition of Five Points.  I am also logging off of social indefinitely, as of today. I’ve reflected on my motivation for crafting this weekly newsletter lately…and my posting on Spacebook and Instaham. Connection with friends that live so far away?  Vanity? Practicing writing?  To see if I could […]

  • Five Points – 51

    Logging Off In One Week – I mentioned last week that I will be ending the writing of my blog in this format next week, rounding out a year / 52 posts. I will also be logging off of social media indefinitely.  It’s not good for me…the way I’ve been using it: as an escape…a […]

  • Five Points – 50

    Curtain Close – Today marks the 50th edition of Five Point Fridays.  I intend on writing only two more stanzas, rounding out a year of publishing in this format. I’ve given this weekly exercise a lot of thought as of late: What is my intention What is the benefit What is the the cost What […]

  • Five Points – 49

    First Fall in Tennessee – It sure is nice for the weather to have broken.  I remarked to a friend last week that living in Los Angeles for so long made me forget the seasons a bit…having perfect weather everyday, year round, can take the urgency out of things, as it’ll be nice again tomorrow. […]

  • Five Points – 48

    41 – Many thanks for the birthday wishes 😎 I’m happy and excited about life, studying mistakes from the past, and ever grateful to those I hold dear – I wouldn’t want to be on the journey without you. I have always been captivated by prime numbers and that this is the 13th (also prime) […]

  • Five Points – 47

    Sears –  Sears filed for bankruptcy on Monday.  Founded after the Civil War, the original Sears, Roebuck & Company developed a catalog business that sold the latest dresses, toys, build-it-yourself houses and even tombstones. The company was, in many ways, an early version of Amazon. This is an interesting article on the history of shopping […]

  • Five Points – 46

    Wolves –  Anyone that has caught a glimpse of my Instagram knows I love my dog.  I have always loved dogs and truly believe them to be man’s best friend. And I am also captivated by wolves.  I find them to be so powerful and majestic and independent.  If spirit animals are a thing, the […]

  • Five Points – 45

    Hurricane Flo Update  – My family’s river house made it out in relatively good shape, all things considered. Dad made it down to the land on Monday and by Tuesday at the crack, had the boys working.  All of the sheetrock, flooring, cabinets, and furniture on the first floor had to be removed, but that is […]

  • Five Points – 44

    Hurricane Flo & Mangkhut Update  – Most importantly, all friends and family affected by the hurricanes Florence and Mangkhut are safe.  No one is seriously hurt.  That is good. Mangkhut did not affected those connected to me all that bad.  Power and communications went down for several hours in most places, but was restored in short order.  […]

  • Five Points – 43

    Life – I recently watched several episodes of Life, narrated by David Attenborough, by the BBC on Netflix.  The cinematography and his narration make for a spell binding experience. Cabling at Woodstock Festival 1969 –  Sex News – The robot sex trade is about to get hot!  The infamous “Teledildonics Patent” that prevented the development of […]