Five Points – 48

41 –

Many thanks for the birthday wishes 😎 I’m happy and excited about life, studying mistakes from the past, and ever grateful to those I hold dear – I wouldn’t want to be on the journey without you. I have always been captivated by prime numbers and that this is the 13th (also prime) prime probably means that the Moon is in metrograde, or something.. put one in the air for me at 41 times around the sun 🌄

I’m fortunate to have been able to fly airplanes on nearly every birthday since I was 15.  This year was super special in that I’m celebrating with some of my best friends in Hawaii and was able to fly over the Kīlauea volcano caldera, seen in the back ground. 

Bad Things Decreasing from Hans Rosling’s book Factfulness –  

Illusions Of The Year –

2018 First prize
Kokichi Sugihara: “Triply Ambiguous Object”. Japan

Top 10 finalists in the 2018 Contest –

What I’m Listening To – 

Alt J – NPR Tiny Desk Concert 

I’ve had their Taro on repeat since I found this concert –

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