Five Points – 49

First Fall in Tennessee –

It sure is nice for the weather to have broken.  I remarked to a friend last week that living in Los Angeles for so long made me forget the seasons a bit…having perfect weather everyday, year round, can take the urgency out of things, as it’ll be nice again tomorrow.

I believe there is something innate to most living organisms, spurred by the seasons, to get after it…to work to prepare for the winter…to work to be able to enjoy the literal fruits of the summer…and all of those facets of life in between that make it all worth living.

The Story Behind Michelin Stars –

This is as much a story of incredible food as it is ingenious marketing and acute business acumen –

In a nut shell, the Michelin brothers reviewed wonderful restaurants, in the hopes folks would want to travel to visit them…and need tires to get there.

Falcon 9 Launch –

This short gif of the Space X Falcon 9 launch over Los Angeles is pretty awesome –

What I’m Listening To – 

Ben Folds composes a song live for the National Symphony Orchestra in about 10 minutes –

Exploration – Control Your Data.  Collect Your Money.

​My primary job is as the CEO of Exploration.  We help media companies compile the data needed to get paid.

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The European Commission’s latest approval of Sony Corp’s plans to fully acquire EMI Music Publishing for $4.75 billion. SoundCloud has also made amendments to its agreement contract for artists that sign up to the company’s direct monetization service, Premier. This follows after it received criticism for making statements that those who agree cannot sue SoundCloud over any disputes. And lastly, Google Home and Spotify have partnered up. In light of this, Spotify will be giving away a Google Home Mini smart speaker to those who own a Premium for Family subscription until December 31 of this year.  Now, the details…

Exploration Weekly – European Commission Approves EMI Music Publishing Acquisition / SoundCloud’s Contract Criticized / Spotify Smart Speaker Giveaway