Five Points – 45

Hurricane Flo Update  –

My family’s river house made it out in relatively good shape, all things considered.

Dad made it down to the land on Monday and by Tuesday at the crack, had the boys working.  All of the sheetrock, flooring, cabinets, and furniture on the first floor had to be removed, but that is about is about it.  There was no foundation damage and we were able to get things out and dry before the mold set it, so we are grateful.

It shouldn’t be long before we are ready for another oyster roast.

Thank you again to everyone that has helped and sent messages.  It means a lot.

Team Captains – 

I was thinking a lot about captains and teams and how they work together this week as our employee count continues to grow.  Two staff that work for Exploration, one girl and one guy, each recently raised their hands with the desire to lead their specific departments.  And I could not have been more enthusiastic.  With competent and committed leaders, I am able to focus on other facets of the company.

What I learned though, is that much like a team sport, captains and leaders choose themselves.  I may have my own ideas about who should lead, but without the belief from the rest of the group, a leader is a puppet, often resented, and ineffectual.  I’ve resolved to believing that one can pick the players to build a team, but captainship is self selecting.

Leaders self select by leading from the front (they show how to do something by actually doing it, not talking about it).  They are humble, have patience, and are kind.  Their work is excellent and they are more than willing to admit where they may have made a mistake.  Their equals look to them for guidance and they are always keen to learn.  They routinely look for new work, even and especially when it is not their responsibility.

I’m so grateful such solid leaders choose to work with me.

Good Questions –

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” ~ Voltaire

I found this collection of questions by Patrick Collison to be quite thought provoking.  Some of them are relative to business and software, but there are a few far out ones in there that’ll have you scratching the ol’ noggin.

NASA Celebrates it’s 60th Birthday – 

I watched this short clip in awe a few times this week.  Carl Sagan always delights.

We were hunters and gathers.
The frontier was everywhere.
We were bounded only by the earth and ocean and sky.
The open road still softly calls.
Our little terraqueous globe as the mad house of those hundred thousand million worlds.
We, who can not put our own planetary home in order.
Riven with rivalries and hatreds.
Are… we… to venture out into space?

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