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  • The Sea Calls To Me

    Men go back to the mountains, as they go back to sailing ships at sea, because in the mountains and on the sea they must face up. ~ Henry David Thoreau My neighbors and dear friends, Larkin, Sommer, and Simon Jones, invited me to join them for the weekend to Catalina island aboard The Indigenous, […]

  • Buenos Aires – An ‘It’s A Beautiful Life’ Guide

    I visited Buenos Aires for the first time over December and January, 2010.  In a word – Amazing! How I got there and how I made my moves: I booked my trip with Azzurro Travel 800-835-8234.  My agent, who is also the owner of the agency, did me solid!  Great service and was able to […]

  • Buenos Aires – The rest of the story

    Months before my trip, my mother told me she thought we had family in Argentina, but that she would have to dig to find them.  No one had been in touch with them for as long as she could remember.  Phone calls, emails, and letters would response, until the night before my departure.  Through […]

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – El día siete: Sailing

    I could feel the years of forgone training as my consciousness left the haze of sleep.  My body was sore.  Much like it was every other Sunday after Saturday rugby.  It is a good hurt. Proudly, I walked on the terrace with my engraved mug to display to Nico and Vicky.  Ha! “What are you […]

  • Buenos Aires – El día cinco

    Nico was sipping mate when I woke.  He was watching the news and juggling his blackberry, home phone, computer, and tv remote.  I told him about the past couple of days and we shared laughs.  He then hinted that perhaps I would want to join his brother, Edu, for a bit of rugby on Saturday.  I was […]

  • Buenos Aires – El dia dos

    I woke to bright, hard light coming through metal shutters, separating me from a small circular balcony over looking the street.  The city was alive.  At 10am, almost everyone was up and moving around, except me.  I wasn’t bothered one bit. I went to the kitchen of the hostel, passing a few people that I didn’t know, […]

  • Buenos Aires – Day 1

    It was 5am December 13th, 2009 in Raleigh, NC. I could see my breath in the crisp air as my mom kissed me and dropped me off, saying “Be sure to call or write as soon as you arrive..”  (I love that woman!)  I puffed a Marlboro Light and smiled at another fellow that was standing […]