Buenos Aires – El día cinco

Nico was sipping mate when I woke.  He was watching the news and juggling his blackberry, home phone, computer, and tv remote.  I told him about the past couple of days and we shared laughs.  He then hinted that perhaps I would want to join his brother, Edu, for a bit of rugby on Saturday.  I was reluctant.  I didn’t have cleats, or shorts, or mouth piece…anything really, besides a hankering inside me that wanted to be with the boys for the day.  It was supposed to rain and it was hot as hell…it would’ve been fun.  In the morning I wrote and worked online and went out for a bit in the afternoon to pick up some vegetables from the market.  I put $5 on my phone and spoke with my mom on skype.  I was settleing in a bit and then I got an email from a guy that was renting bikes..

He had a bike that he’d rent me for 100 pesos or about $30 for the month..perfect!  I walked to his place the long way stopping into some very cool shops.  I found this one shoe store where I loved every pair they had..then I meakishly asked if they had my size, and you would’ve thought I asked to borrow this guy’s liver..he was beside himself that my feet were as long as they were.  He paced and snorted and huffed about the store and then became so fustrated that I believe he simply gave up.  He applied a bit of a plastic smile and then bid me farewell, before I ever began to leave.  I found all of this peacocking very funny, which made matters worse for him…i left skipping down the street.  I had an hour to burn in waiting to meet this fella for the bike so I sat a little store and bought a coke.  There were 2 plastic tables outside with plastic chairs on the sidewalk across the street from a relatively large church/school.  The old man who was running the store was warm and cordial to me and gave me a glass with 2 cubes of ice to sip on.  I read and wrote and enjoyed a smoke while watching the people walk and talk and live.

Javiar showed up around 7:30pm and invited me into his home to see the bike.  His mother, I believe, and younger brother were there and we worked together to go over a contract written in spanish to cover all parties involved.  I agreed and paid them their desired fee.  Then, in grabbing the bike, I notice its got a flat tire.  Hmmm.  ”Oh, don’t worry about it.  We will go to the gas station and get air now.”  ”Ok” I reply.  The station had no air.  10 more blocks would be another.  It had no air either.  The next one, 15 blocks aweay, would have air, but not for bikes.  Javiar was scared to ask anyone at a car repair shop so we continued to push.  2 hours had passed and the cordial nature of our friendship was wearing thin.  I explained that if the next station did not have air, I wanted my money back and we’d call it a day.  Of course the next station did not, and he said ok, and turned to walk back toward the direction in which we’d came.  Oh, hell no!  ”No, Javiar, I will not walk back 40 blocks with you.  You’ll go to the ATM and give me my money. Thank you.” He did and we shaked hands.  We were both frustrated in that neither of us got what we want, but what does one expect…to rent bikes with out a wrench or pump on hand.  Duhhh.

I trodded back to my flat without much dinner and went to my room.  I watched a movie and went to sleep.

Would I play rugby tomorrow?  If I did, would I still have it?