Connecting with each of my contacts, friends, connections, and followers

Without question, the relationships I have forged in my life are one of my strongest assets.  I’m going to reengage with each of them, personally.

Today, I have:

1,393 Contacts in my phone

1,046 Facebook Friends

96 Twitter Followers

326 Linkedin Connections

Granted, I may not have personally met with each of them.  Some of those contacts are friends of friends or leads that never resulted in a larger relationship, but I believe I’ll be able to connect on some level with every one.

I am not sure how many I can do a day or how long it will take, but I suppose we’ll see.  I am also unclear on how best to manage my connecting with folks.  Perhaps a note in their file within gmail contacts, but I’m not completely sure.  More on that as I move forward.

I am curious as to how I might be able to serve, create, and discuss with each of them. What will come of it?  What opportunity is poised to be set free? What if I am reminded I never returned the salad bowl and have to ante up?

I’m excited!

The format will be simple:


Hey {first name}! Remember that time {unique, personal thought or life intersection}??  I hope all is well 🙂



The connection might be longer, but not shorter.

Stay close.

Sales Software

I’m using right now to manage my sales pipeline. I like it. It has lots of bells and whistles.  I’ve used Act! and Outlook and Gmail with Gcal.

All of them get it done, but they are to much.  To many bells and whistles.

I appreciate fancy reports and the ability to add one’s dog’s name to a client file, but I don’t need it.

I wish an app existed for two purposes, to track calls and when to call again.  It would spanned my office computer, cell, and ipad.   Super, super lightweight. Really easy to navigate on a mobile device. Accessible from lots of different platforms.

That’s it.

I would pay much for that, than a software program that comes with 6 hours of tutorials on how to use it..

Geek Computer Wizard

I posted this morning on facebook that, my family’s company, had risen to the top of page 2 on Google when searching for our top keyword.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Its been a heck of a learning process, SEO, but I have made considerable progress and feel the learning curve is pretty steep.

Much of my tutelage has come from research on and by attending the SMX West conference in Silicon valley.  I have also gotten great help from Joel Gross, Chris Kelley, Don Varner, and Michael Carr, not to mention the users of Hacker News and the Digital Point Forums.

In any event, as an example of how easy it is to rank for a term or phrase with google, take a gander and do a search for “geek computer wizard” now and let know what comes up 🙂

Onward and upward!