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Planet Earth II —

You may have caught Planet Earth I (2006).  It’s simply an incredible series about our pale blue dot floating in the abyss.

However, the good folks at the BBC took everything they learned from the first stanza, plus a ton of new techniques and technology that has been following Moore’s Law, to produce Planet Earth II (2016).

It is now on Netflix. Yay!

Some have called this 2:12 min teaser segment some of the most exciting real footage of animals ever captured.

And this is Snoop Dogg narrating that same piece of video (NSFW).

The World’s Best Film School is Free on YouTube – 

Article on how it came to be and relevant links –

Jocko Willink –

I recently discovered Lieutenant Commander Jocko Willink, US Navy SEAL, Retired, by way of Tim Ferriss’s Podcast.

Jocko was being interviewed by Tim on the heals of publishing his first book, Extreme Ownership – How Navy Seals Lead and Win, and it did not disappoint.

I credit a lifetime of hard nosed football and rugby coaches for my affinity for blunt, raw, and crucial feedback that I know will make me better, which is partially why I think his narrative resonates with me.  I suppose being tasked with training the SEALS makes a man good at that, among other things.

Jocko has since launched his own podcast that I listen to regularly.  I have to filter it sometimes, as it gets dark, with stories of war.  But Jocko is extremely smart, articulate, and experienced.  The lessons he shares from the battlefield translate well to business and life in general.

– Leadership is the most important factor
– Cover and move
– Prioritize and execute
– Discipline equals freedom

He also offers very compelling perspective on the necessity of violence, notably captured here with Sam Harris.

What’s on the stereo – 

This album from Manu Chao is one of my all time favorites and I’ve be listening to it like its my job lately –

Happy Holidays – 

2017 is nearly a wrap!!

I hope you and yours are having a great holidays and that the new year brings happiness, love, adventure, knowledge, and peace.

Here’s the varmint sending love from Where The Wild Things Are Secret Camp 🙂