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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work –

Zapier is a software company that integrates and automates apps that you may use in your personal and business life.  An example of this automation is to have a photo that you post to Instagram be automatically saved in your Dropbox or to create a new contact in Salesforce when a webform is filled out by a potential customer.  They have tons of connections that can be made really easily.

Zapier is and has always been run 100% remotely.  Followers of this newsletter may know that I am a fan of remote working environments for a lot of reasons – staff are happier and more productive, I’d prefer to offer full benefits instead of a physical office, ability to work from anywhere, ability to set one’s own hours…the list goes on and on..

Whether you currently work in or run a remote team, or you hope to work in or run a remote team in the future, this book will have nuggets of wisdom that you can apply to your current situation.

  1. How to Run a Remote Team
  2. How to Build Culture in a Remote Team
  3. How to Hire a Remote Team
  4. How Successful Remote Teams Evaluate Employees: A Look inside Automattic, GitHub, and Help Scout
  5. How to End Internal Emails and Communicate Effectively in a Remote Team
  6. How to Build Strong Relationships in a Remote Team
  7. How to Run a Remote Team Meeting
  8. How to Run a Company Retreat for a Remote Team
  9. This is What a Remote Office Looks Like
  10. How to Work Faster in a Remote Team
  11. How to Find Your Optimal Work Environment and Boost Productivity
  12. How to Work in Different Timezones
  13. How to Avoid Burnout in a Remote Team
  14. A Special Thanks To Those Who Share: The Best Blog Posts, Articles and Resources on Remote Work

Ghost – is still being hosted on WordPress, but my company’s site and news archive are hosted using the Ghost platform.  We’d suffered from WordPress instability too many times and I decided to switch platforms a few years ago.  The change has proven to be a good one.  Coupled with CloudFlare for extremely fast global site delivery, has remained stable, fast, and optimized for a variety of metrics.  Ghost is great for a simple site that may have a blog.

They’ve just released a Ghost 2.0, which now includes a more robust text editor and the ability to embed a many types of dynamic content.

Dogs: Speed & Agility – 

Add speed and agility to the long list of why dogs are simply the greatest!

Check out Tex win the 2015 Masters Agility Contest.  His foot work through the slalom though… –

or better yet…

Check out Kirk, a female border collie watch herself win the 2017 Purina Pro Challenge –

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Gipsy Kings – Escucha Me

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