Five Points – 33

Pull Ups  –

Exercise has to be convenient for me or it doesn’t happen.  So, before I grab a shower in the morning and before bed, I do some push ups and pull ups.  I also do air squats and a nice bit of stretching all over.  The only equipment I need is the bar and I put it up in the little hall way on the way to bathroom.

2 of these @ $13.20 = $26.40

8 of these @ $.46 = $3.68

1 one these @ $25.45

Total Cost = $55.53

It took about and hour to measure the width of the hall, visit home depot to grab the parts and have them cut and rethread the pipe.  It took about another hour to put it up.  It costs less than a month at the gym, will last forever, and gets loads more use.

Don’t Shave A Long Haired Dog – 

hat tip to Oren Schaedel for the post

What I’m listening to –

Neil Young – Old Man –   — I like this version as it was one of the the first times he’d played the song publicly.  In some ways, I feel I am living this song right now.

Darius Rucker – Wagon Wheel – — The references to NC make me smile.

John Denver – Take Me Home – — I grew up listening to this music.  The entirety of his voice, lyrics, and nostalgia make for a lovely trip down memory lane.

Please write me a letter <3

I just love to write letters and put them in the post.  Usually they are plain white cards in a white envelope.  I include a business card if its for work.  My purchase of choice when visiting a museum these days is note cards from their gift shop so that I might send art through the air to a friend far away.

I think it is pure magic that for $.50 you can put a letter in a box from anywhere and it will be arrive anywhere a remarkably short time later.  Everyone seems to really like getting real mail from someone they’ve met.

It would really be awesome to at some undetermined time in the future, have walked to the mailbox in the light rain a little outside Nashville, Tennessee to see your thoughts on paper.  William will be there and I’ll look up and smile.  Maybe it will be a tale of an adventure or an idea that brings you joy or just a sketch.  Maybe you passed it to a courrier in Berlin or Buenos Aires or just maybe Los Angeles.  Maybe it will have some art.

Keen to try it?  To a friend or family member colleague across town or across this Earth?  Maybe to send me one??

If it’s no trouble..

7389 Hunting Camp Rd.
Fairview, TN 37062

I know the recipient sure would be grateful.

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Exploration Weekly – DOJ Terminates Outdated Consent Decrees / Apple Expected to Surpass Spotify / Streams Up 41.6% in First Half of 2018