Five Points – 3

Need Photos For Business or Personal? — is an incredibly useful resource for work newsletters and other design stuffs, but recently for my home as I’m keen to inexpensively print some large format images for wall art. They provide free premium high resolution photos.  Seriously, free.  This is their copyright disclaimer:

All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. You can use them for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer or Unsplash, although it is appreciated when possible…

I also use their Mac OS app to change my desktop to a random new image daily.  Have an old monitor collecting dust?  This on the wall would be pretty cool.

Jupiter Blues – 

In my hunt to print large format images (see above) I found some really cool hi def pics from NASA.

Whenever I think of Jupiter I think of tan and orange and reds, not blue.  Check out Jovian clouds in striking shades of blue in this new view taken by NASA’s Juno spacecraft.

Knee Surgery —

A great big fat guy..or maybe that was just me..helped me break my ankle 4 years ago.  The ankle turned out great.  But my knee had lingering meniscus damage.  I got that fixed yesterday.  Everything went off great and I hope to getting about in short order.

And I bought this cooler – ice circulating – treasure of the known world – experience changing – gadget – DonJoy Iceman Clear 3

I’ve endured a surgery or two over the years and my go to has always been the Ice Pac gel cold packs.  You can get a variety of sizes and they stay super cold for longer than they need to (15-20 mins), so I bought two to be able to rotate.

But the ice pack method simply does not compare with the water circulator.  One physically could not cool an injured body part without moving it this much any other way.  It’s cold water, not frozen, so I worry not about to much cold and condensation doesn’t moisten my clothes or bed either.  I turn it off for half an hour or so every few hours to great delight.

If you are having a procedure where ice is indicated post-op, do yourself and your care givers a favor and buy this.  Its a game changer.

Triple Top Pillow Stacking Method –

I recorded a crude video while in the hospital 4 years ago on how to best stack pillows when you have a broken leg.  It has amassed 32,000 views as of this writing and about 20 people view it every day.  Every day, some where in the world, 20 people watch that video.  That amazes me.  I don’t monetize it or anything, but I often think about how the impact it has.  Even if I were dead, it would go right on helping folks stack their pillows when they have an ole peg leg.  And it helped me again on Thursday.

It’s a reminder that I (and You) might have knowledge about something that others can benefit from if shared.

What I’ve been listening to —

Spanish guitar compilation –