Five Points – 28

Tim Ferriss – 

There hasn’t been an author/creator to have a larger impact on my life than Tim Ferriss.

I first found him via his first book – The Four Hour Work Week – . — where I learned how to use outsourcing and systems to free me up for more work or other things I enjoyed.

I then was afforded the opportunity to review both The Four Hour Body ( and The Four Hour Chef ( prior to their public release.

I’ve maintained my weight and lost some when I felt it to be important via The Slow Carb Diet (

  • Don’t eat things that are white or can be white…and replace them with a legume
  • eat the same thing over and over again
  • Don’t drink calories
  • Go crazy and eat what ever I want once a week
I’ve really enjoyed the multitude of characters interviewed on his podcast –  A few that stick out:

I just appreciate his approach to living and designing his life.  And I’m grateful for his generosity in sharing the methods and tricks that have made it possible.

What I’m Reading –

Mary Meeker – Kleiner Perkins – Internet Trends Report 2018 –

For folks working on and around the internetz, much of this information might not be surprising…I’m still amazed

What I’m Watching – 

Watch a Mesmerizing Flyover of New York in 12K –

Quote I’m Pondering –

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. ~ Hanlon’s Razor (

I would add “…and ignorance and incompetence” to the end.  Most folks just don’t know…they aren’t trying to hurt me…and as such, my reaction to them should have this simple fact in mind.

What I’m Watching – 

Game 4 of the NBA Finals in a few minutes!!!  Go Golden State!!!