Five Points – 19

J-O-B – 

I get asked about jobs pretty often…editing a resume, who’s hiring, what one might want to consider in order to put their best foot forward, what industry to pursue, how to negotiate a salary or what to charge as a freelancer…pretty much the gamut of getting a solid gig.

I find this relatively amusing, as I believe myself to be quite unemployable, as many will confirm and is part of why I have always worked for myself.  But I digress…

I have a few resources I always point folks toward and the universe recently conspired to drop a few more, diverse tools and tricks on me all at once.

So, that’s what today’s 5 Points is all about.  Getting a J-O-B.

Linkedin Career Advice – 

My good friend and ever fabulous, Bonnie Muffington*, works at Linkedin and she turned me on a not-so-publicized resource for asking folks in a particular field for free advice.  This really is worth so much…these people…no, experts…have proactively made themselves available for someone just like you to ask for guidance and mentorship on how to win at getting a J-O-B in their industry.  

Resume Cheat Sheet – 

How to answer the most common interview questions – 

Looking, sounding, and being more confident – 

Salary and Fee Negotiation – 

It’s been reported that many millions of additional $$$ has been commanded as a direct result of this guide.  It’s value can not be understated.

Sprezzatura – 

There’s an Italian word for making everything you do seem effortless – sprezzatura.

Cultivate it.  Embody it.  Be it.

You deserve that job and more.  You know it to be true.  Should those folks that have the power decide to pass on your expertise, it’s their loss – water off a duck’s back – on to the next.

Good luck!