Five Points – 15

USA Rugby – 

It’s true magic to watch a group of boys play their game and win it all.  That’s what happened this past weekend in Las Vegas, where the good guys in red, white, and blue won their home tournament for the first time ever.  Perry Baker and Danny Barrett are pure class.  Hat tip to Dallen Stanford for a few chirps on the world wide telly.

Semi-final and final highlights –
USA vs Argentina Final (full match) –

Request for start ups –

Now sure where to start in starting a start up?

Y Combinator has revised and republished their request for start ups –

Once you have an idea that you know will put a dent in the universe, apply – I think going through and actually answering the application questions is good measure, whether you actually apply or not.

LA Hacker News – 

Y Combinator ( is the premier start up incubator in the world.  They’ve funded quite a few companies you may about – reddit, airbnb, dropbox, heroku…and about 1,600 you may not know about.

Hacker News ( is the preeminent destination on the web to learn about the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship.

LA Hacker News ( the physical meetup for folks keen to connect in person in Los Angeles.

I starting attending not long after the group started. Then I started to volunteer.  When the creator of the group, a good human, Andrew Cholakian, moved to another state, I took the reigns and led the group for a few years.  We hosted the “How to Start a Start Up” course via Stanford and over 200 folks attended for a semester.  We coded and shared and watched nerdy movies together.  We grew to over 2,000 members.

Having left LA, I have now passed the torch to equally good human, David Guttman, whom also hosts (, the premier Javascript meetup in LA.

I’ll miss being a part of the group on a regular basis.

Deadmau5 – 

Deadmau5 is famous for his mask/helmet.  I can imagine playing a set or more would be challenging for one that is’t a mau5.

What’s on the radio –

LOVE. – Kendrick Lamar ft. Zacari –

Say Something – Justin Timberlake ft. Chris Stapleton –