Five Points – 14

Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report – 

Warren Buffet penned and published the annual report for Berkshire Hathaway on February 23.  He is so sharp and somehow, effortlessly down to earth.  He also exudes confidence, not only in the managers of the businesses he owns, but in America.

I recommend the read for those interested in learning more about how a true operator answers to his stake holders.

Korea –

I find this image to be mind boggling.

Sardines – 

I’ve been cutting red meat out of my diet more and more since getting a second kidney stone last year…and so I don’t just fat in peace out here in the woods alone.  Instead of sausage for breaky, I’ve headed to fish.  While lox and nova are my favorite, I find sardines to be a great substitute.  They come in a can, which makes them super convenient and less prone to going bad.  They are packed with the nutrients I need and I find them tasty, even if a bit fishy sometimes.  And its been reported they way less heavy metals than other fish, as they are on the bottom of the aquatic food chain.

These are worth a try:

What’s on the radio – is an app I’ve been a fan of for a long time.  I can’t listen to music with lyrics when writing or building software or strategizing on something hard and complicated.  The words distract me and take me somewhere else. has several tracks that are great for studying, focusing, meditating, and sleeping.  And they employ some heavy science to support their claim that their audio is the best.

also, a throw back

By My Side – Sade –

Quote I’m Pondering- 

“God walks out of the room when you’re thinking about money.” ~ Quincy Jones

*** Some of the realist *ish I’ve read.  I absolutely believe this.  I first heard this lesson, although I didn’t listen all that well at the time, from Nick Segal, a wise man and my manager many years ago.  And over the years I’m continually reminded of its merit.  In a creative endeavor or in sales or a relationship…as soon as the amount of money one might make becomes a priority, entropy exponentially increased.  In other words, you can bet that if you put your $$$ ahead of anything else, you might as well quit, ’cause the will absolutely stop.