Category: Rants

  • Pulling the string on the neon sign

    On Main Street one would see an open sign.  The sign would be on and you would see it and know Jill business operator had come to work. The window display was changed and you’d know they were thinking about what was new and special.  You knew that when you walked in that you would […]

  • Knee Knowledge

    I came out of retirement from competitive rugby to give it another go this season with Santa Monica Rugby Club.  I was playing some really good (by my standards) footy and really enjoying myself as the games went on.  It all came to a halt, when against OMBAC, the #1 seated team in our division […]

  • Garner, you do not have to live this way. You really don’t..

    So I visited White Deer Park last week and wrote about my experience here.  A fellow found my blog and commented on how the gal that I had the bad experience with was perhaps having a bad day or was dealing with other issues when I came on the scene. I get it. We all […]

  • White Deer Park – Beautiful but watch out for trolls

    I am visiting my parents in Garner, NC this week and visited White Deer Park for the first time. Beautiful! But, you’re not allowed to use it. My buddies and I learned how to hike and camp in these woods as kids. We knew them like the back of our hands. The short cuts, the […]

  • The Olympic Spirit

    Today marks the close of the  2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada. Watching the montages of highlights and heartbreaks got me a little thick in the throat. Seeing the glory and spirit of winning it all  in a competition’s ultimate test is a feeling that I do not believe can be accurately articulated.   The […]

  • Basket Ball Court Philosophy

    It amazes me. I like to contribute but I love to absorb the passion and theory and smack and opinion and call and excuses and glory. I live in Venice Beach California and try to play hoops at least 3 times a week at the Venice courts. The mix off the court if a circus […]

  • Why I Decided To Become An EMT

    I just finished a 3 1/2  month course at Cape Fear Community College to become an emergency medic.  My reasons for doing so are 5 fold.. 1. Unfortunately, my college girlfriend passed away during her sophomore year.  She had a brain tumor and upon having surgery to remove it, developed meningitis and died.  It killed me.  I went […]