Basket Ball Court Philosophy

It amazes me.

I like to contribute but I love to absorb the passion and theory and smack and opinion and call and excuses and glory.

I live in Venice Beach California and try to play hoops at least 3 times a week at the Venice courts.

The mix off the court if a circus as it is, but the players, the players are a gong show..and they’re good.

Last night, the court contained the following:

College player

Homeless guy that had been drinking since early

Professor of history

Guy that could probably be a professor of history is he gave a fat baby’s ass about anything

3 guys between 30 and 50 (its hard to tell in the light) that have never not been there when I visited

2 guys from France


It was sunset on a Sunday.  The air was cool and there was a light breeze wafting back and forth.  The boardwalk emitted curio of every size and shape and smell and sound.

We ran full court and the exchange was dynamic.  Weaving from religion to sports to the foul to redemption to travel to sex to sleep to paint to a pass to a block to a steal to politics to time theory to to to to to to

The banter, endless and relentless, completely random but with purpose and furious rapture.

I love this town.