5 Points – 1

What I’m reading —

Patrick McKenzie aka patio11 on the internetz, has been referred to as one of the most helpful folks on the internet by some in the startup community as a result of his prolific contributions in writing on Hacker News and his site.

This thought provoking list of a few of his tweets is worth a browse:


The main takeaway for me is the impetus of this initial 5 Point Friday:

Meta thought: you radically underestimate both a) how much you know that other people do not and b) the instrumental benefits to you of publishing it.

What I’m listening to —

For over a decade I have been a fan of somafm.com.  I really love their Groove Saladchannel, for writing, programming, and background music.  They are also the purveyors of Black Rock FM (Burning Man) and a few other, not as popular, strange and interesting collections.  Get busy with Xmas in Frisko, a wacky and eclectic holiday mix for those not easily offended and Seven Inch Soul, vintage tracks from original 45 RPM vinyl.

What I’m watching —

Fred Rogers (“Mr. Rogers” of television fame) testifies before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications in 1969. If you want to see an incredibly deft display of verbal judo, watch this short clip. It’s absolutely fantastic. Mr. Rogers turns a cantankerous opponent into an ally in minutes, and it’s important to watch all the way to the end.  Hat tip to Tim Ferriss for this suggestion.  I’ve watched this before and it is truly incredible the poise and care Mr. Rogers uses in sharing his position.

Lyrical, harmonious and hilarious – Whose billy goat is this?

In case you missed it —

The most liked post I’ve recently share on Instagram is of a public bathroom at the Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan. It may employ more robots and technology than a shuttle launch: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcJb10hHzge/

Quote I’m pondering —

“You can hold your breath until you turn blue, but they’ll keep on doing it.”

– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations