Video Rugby Update – Thank You!

Howdy Friend,

This is a quick update on my progress as a rugby player during my swan song season.

For those that missed it, I wrote a rather lengthy essay on how rugby has affected my life and what it means to me.  The essay has quite a bit of history and photos, thoughts on playing for Santa Monica RFC this season, and why this third attempt at a Gold medal is so special.

This is a short video update of my progress.  The same details are listed below.

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Santa Monica RFC is 8-2, with 2 games left in the season and we have secured home field advantage for at least the first playoff game.  The boys are playing their butts off and we having an absolute blast off the pitch with all grades of mischievery and hijinx.

I’m so proud to represent the United States in the Maccabi World Games this summer.  The players hail from all over the US, thus our cohesiveness is what lingers from camp at the Olympic Training Center in January and what is generated from writing online.  Even still, the electricity is building.  Its palpable.  I get an extra pep in my step for days following an IM session or an email volley with with one of my brothers as we pull and tease and explain and encourage each other.

As members of the team are starting to finish their regular seasons, its exciting to learn of their success.  We are all comparing metrics from the gym and the track.  Ball skills and video review have become part of what we do every day.

In addition to all of the physical requirements put on athletes to attend these games, we are also required to raise quite a bit of money.  These funds not only help subsidize our flights, hotels, food, medical, and equipment, they also help subsidize the cost for athletes that may have financial difficulty attending the games.  I am happy to do my part.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Out of the $5,000 that I am require to raise, over $4,100 has been donated in my name.

Someone even donated $100 anonymously.

I truly do live a special life with amazing family and friends.  I am ever grateful.

If you’d like, you can make a donation here.

Of course, any support is greatly appreciated.  Even a call or email letting me know you’re rooting for us to win.  Being that I’m an old fart compared to my team mates, I need all the help I can get.

I leave for Israel in 80 days..but who is counting?

Stay close,


ps – Seriously, if it’s been longer than you are comfortable with since we last connected, please reach out.
pps – Thank you for everything!
Aaron Loring Davis