Life List

A trip to the desert, a trip to southern hemisphere, and a rather solemn birthday got me thinking.

I asked myself, “Aaron, what makes you happy?”

So, then I started writing.

Then I searched around the net a bit for inspiration.

Then I played a little basketball, had some supper, wrote some more, and took a nap.

In the end, my friend Danny Dover’s site – Life Listed, was all the inspiration I needed. He has put together a nice frame work with which to create your own list.

I wrote down all of the experiences that have made me happy in the past. I also wrote down a bunch of things that I think would be really cool in the future. I then gave a good measure of thought to when would be reasonable to complete it.

Here is my life list.

Having a list like this where I can see it frequently and also in public will help me with my decision making process. It’ll be good for making sure the tasks I am doing every day are aligned with the experiences I wish to accomplish in my life.