Happy New Year – Books, Kickstarter, Video Interviews

Howdy Friend,

Happy New Year!

This post covers 3 topics of interest.
1) Books
2) Kickstarter
3) Video Interviews


An interest that has proven to allow me to grow on so many levels, year after year, is reading.

That’s right, good old reading. But wait, there’s more!

Not just any reading..reading books!  Books with a cover and paper pages.

You heard it here first – Books will become artifacts in my lifetime.

In other words, sooner than later, they are going to stop making them, replaced by digital versions.

So, I am creating a lending library, which means I need books.

I’ve already got a ton and I am in the process of cataloging them.  Most of my titles focus on business, biographies, sailing, travel, personal development, science, and how to.  They will be available to borrow later this quarter.

If you have books that are collecting dust or you think would be a good read for someone, let me know.  I’ll even pay for the shipping to receive them. No book will be turned down.

In the spirit of making interesting books available to folks that are keen, you are welcome to borrow my current personal favorite.  It is a biography of sorts from a gentleman that I have a tremendous amount of admiration, respect, and love for.  I’m proud to call him my friend.

You Can Do It: Inspiration and Lessons from an Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Sailor by Stanley Dashew

I have a couple copies and you are welcome to borrow them if you like.  Or you can buy it on Amazon (I have no material interest what so ever in your purchase).

Its an exciting read and really puts things into perspective, given Mr. Dashew virtually started his career during the Great Depression.


I’m surprised some folks still haven’t heard of this incredible resource – Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform for creative projects.  Life is being breathed into all sorts of really cool projects as a result of this website, including some that I have been a part of this year (A  Moveable Feast) and some that I have contributed to (Bagdad Community Hacker SpaceUrban Air, & Los Angeles Maker Space: A Family Friendly Innovation Hub).

Take a gander at all of the interesting and creative projects folks are coming up with..or..GASP..make one yourself!!

Los Angeles Maker Space: A Family Friendly Innovation Hub has already fully funded, but there are 3 hours left and every donation will help build a place for families to create together in the Los Angeles area.  Super cool! (personal anecdote – the amount of pleasure and fulfillment I have been able to garner through creative spaces like this one is unmeasurable. period.)

Video Interviews

I have been steadily recording video interviews about the business of online marketing with folks that are a heck of a lot smarter than me.

Talk about some incredible information these folks are sharing.  Are they even allowed to give away those secrets?

They are free and published on my business blog.


I hope this finds you well and that you’re able to find creative and fulfilling ways to make this year the best yet.  If I can lend a hand at all to that effort, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Stay close,

Aaron Loring Davis