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  • William the Great

    William the Great   —   Your body is away from me But there is a window open from my heart to yours. From this window, like the moon I keep sending news secretly. ~ Rumi   —   I’d just begun rehab on my knee and ankle after a bad break in the fall […]

  • Pulling the string on the neon sign

    On Main Street one would see an open sign.  The sign would be on and you would see it and know Jill business operator had come to work. The window display was changed and you’d know they were thinking about what was new and special.  You knew that when you walked in that you would […]

  • Annual Report – 2015

    Aaron ‘AD’ Davis here and I just rounded the sun for the 38th time.  This is my 2015 annual report (2012, 2013, 2014 didn’t get a personal account…only via my company). It is more of a life and times of Aaron than anything else and you’re receiving it because our paths have crossed at some […]

  • On Love and Hammers

    I was talking to my mom when she asked about my weekend. *** It was late. Maybe 10:30pm and I was oblivious to anything apart from the materials in front of me. I had met with Dan Busby, Holden Bonwit, and Laurent Pelletier, down at the Brewery to take another night of abuse from the […]

  • Helping

    It was 6:32pm. I was sitting at my computer writing. I heard a small screech, a couple loud thumps, and then a really loud crash as my building shook. I knew what had happened.  It happens every few days at my house, but just not to this degree. There was a wreck outside my house […]