Annual Report – 2016

Aaron ‘AD’ Davis here and I’ve rounded the sun for the 39th time.  This is my 2016 annual report (read 2012, 2013, 2014 didn’t get a personal account…only via my company, and 2015). It is more of a life and times of Aaron than anything else and you’re receiving it because our paths have crossed at some point. You can easily opt out by clicking here.

Please do get in touch if it has been too long since we shared a laugh.

The last year has been a doozy to say the least!

Highlights featured here include:

  • Exploration – My primary work effort continues to mature and grow.

  • BusinessFrame – I’ve scaled back software/marketing consulting.

  • LA Hacker New – I continue to organize the LA Hacker News Meetup.

  • Travel – Puerto Rico, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Russia, Philippines, Thailand, London, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Black Rock City

  • Rugby – The ball still bounces.

  • William – A kind and gentle beast.

  • r/LifeProTips – Interesting and oft surprising ways to move through life with a bit more ease.


Exploration is a media management and technology company.  It exists to help media companies control their data and collect their money.

I founded the company in 2014 with my friend, Rene Merideth.  If you listen to music on YouTube, there is about a 20% chance Exploration works with the owners of that intellectual property. And we continue to grow very rapidly into film and tv and other distribution networks.

For inquiries about Exploration, please visit us online or reach out via email to [email protected]



BusinessFrame is a software development and digital marketing company founded in 2009. I have declined additional consulting projects under this masthead for nearly 2 years. I really don’t see this changing anytime soon.

LA Hacker News

Y Combinator is the most prolific startup incubator in the world.  They are the funding source/advisor to a few companies you may have heard of – Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit…and about 1,200 more that are less known.

Hacker News is their online community and news aggregator portal.  It is one of the most respected destinations online to learn and discuss the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship.

I am the organizer of the Los Angeles Hacker News meetup.  We meet every so often to hack, learn, and debate on a particular topic.  Most commonly about building a tech company or having created technology / art. Or most recently, just to hang out with like minded people for a beer and a laugh.

We are now screening a hacker/computer film once a month at the WeWork offices in Culver City (Exploration works out of this office as well).  Tron is que’d up for next Thursday night (5/4/2017).

Free admission, beer, and pizza.  Meet someone new.  Folks will be watching the film, but it will not be theatre quiet.  Hack on the WeWork open wifi.  Come and go as you like.

Huge gratitude goes to the good folks at Disney for allowing us to screen the film.  To WeWork for hosting the party.  And to Exploration for spotting for the food.


My Facebook and Instagram profiles remain the best records of my travels this past year. However, I have made significant effort to limit my presence on social media in general.

The lead up to the election and subsequent related events were/are to much for me to stomach on a daily basis…so I tuned out completely. I’ve just now recently logged back on for the first time in over 4 months and have a few ideas on how to better curb the trap (ie I created an instagram account to share photos there and on Facebook, but I follow zero I don’t get snared into consuming drivel just because it is there.)


You may know that I love rugby.  I fell in love with the game the very day I learned of it and not a lot has changed since.  As the years have swept by, my relationship with the sport has changed.  I really do consider my career to have been amazing! This included winning championships and traveling the world as a player, making friends with guys that are truly some of the most wonderful humans that exist,  and learning about life through an oval ball.

I was honored to have been chosen to join one of my best mates, Dallen Stanford, in coaching the United States team to compete in the Maccabi Pan American games last December in Santiago, Chile.

The good guys ended up bring home a gold medal in 7’s and a silver in 15’s.  Hat tips to an incredible effort on behalf of the host and visiting teams from around the world.  The boys in red, white, and blue made friends from around the world that I am certain will sustain way into the future.  I can not say enough good things about the boys that took the field…simply a massive effort.

I share my deepest gratitude again with all of you that supported our journey. With money, gifts in kind, and good vibes…it all made a huge difference!! I speak on behalf of the entire team: Thank you.



It’s been four years since this beautiful and gentle beast nuzzled his way into my life.  I rely on his consistent kindness on a daily basis.  He’s awesome.

Life Pro Tips

I get a kick out of these ideas posted on Reddit r/lifeprotips. Click through to reddit for more color and commentary on the ideas.


Three times dang!!! Life is good.

My health is good.  My circle of family and friends is interesting and diverse and supportive.  My work is meaningful and making an impact.  Several really good ideas are percolating.  Adventures abound.  I’m still learning.  I’m listening more.

In the spirit of being transparent, it’s important to note that the contents of this report are the highlights.  I do my best to leave the lowlights out, as focus on them tends to exacerbate depression and fuel prolonged rumination.  My life is anything but sunshine and rainbows but I’m proud of my rather recent ability to better acknowledge and compartmentalize those facets that are unfortunate and cause the blues.  I’m also choosing to leave out some of the more intimate details of my life including particulars about my family.  If you’re really interested in those bits, I’d prefer to share in person.

I really appreciate you for your interest in the musings of my life!  You’re welcome to reach out if you’re curious about any of it.  Simply reply to this email or drop me a line – 310-663-2865.

Stay close,


ps – whose billy goat is this?  –