Parking Garage Green Space

The most densely populated urban areas are where a vast majority of above ground parking garages are found. These same densely populated urban areas also happen to be the places that are hurting the most for green space.

Why not build a superficial, extra floor on existing parking garages to include grass, trees, and bodies of water (fountains, reflection pools, etc.). Parking garages are built to carry weight, lots of weight, so I doubt that there would be a structural issue. They are usually in excellent locations given the need for parking in these same locations. Given it would be a top floor, one would probably have incredible views, fresher air, and less sound pollution.

You’d be creating parks out of thin air 🙂

Every big green polygon is a parking garage and the biggest one on the right is only a lot for a bunch of buses in down town Santa Monica. They could be parks…

Issues might be irrigation, exhaust from the cars parking, manic wall street traders throwing themselves from the top, etc.

the web address is sorted.

The concept is growing in my head. is free to use and share and edit. It is a place to make a plan. The site will have 2 modules, personal and business, and will be public or private.

I like the power and presentation of this wiki engine as the collaboration tool.

The site will also include this blog. A message board and possibly a chat room would also help.

The business module might include

– Executive Summary
– Marketing Plan
– P&L, Balance Sheet
– Fiscal budget
– Human Resources
– Current Projects
– Demographics
– Ideas

The personal module might include
– House hold budget
– Insurance, recording, and planning
– Assets and property management
– Contact Information
– Media will help people. I feel as though it would appeal to alot of people. To break it down into four sections, they are:

1. Personal Public – sample budgets for people to view, add to, edit, delete populate, and contribute to. What if you’re not sure how you’re going to budget a new car or school or a big trip…what if you forget things sometimes that are small but a pain in the rear after the fact…what if you’re just curious about ways to better manage your finances…this module is designed to help an individual or family.

2. Personal Private – after having a look at all of the options and easy ways to manage ones affairs, you can download the files to add your jazz. You can plug in all of the data that is private and personal to you. You can use openideaframe as a private tool.

3 Business Public – this has the same DNA of the Personal Public. Government, Non-profit, and academia can use this dynamic open source platform to mangent their entities. Business students can learn and collaborate and share case studies in a format every that is easy to use, expand, and share. The lawn care company in Raleigh can learn from the lawn care company in Portland. The business plans are open source and free. You can edit a line item on a budget or add an entire company category.

4 Business Private – download it, use it with vigor, and make a fortune.

Maybe i should just concentrate on finding a host for the site right now…:)

Business Wiki

Originally, the idea was to be an open source idea portal. A business wiki, if you will. It came from the need to put all of my ideas some place. I am a real estate broker. It’s how I make my living and I’m good at it and I love it. I know that I will never have the time and energy to initiate and complete all of my ideas (i have 100′s of them every day), but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be fleshed out. Some of them are really good. Some of them can probably make real money. Some of them might be able to change the way we work, play, and live. So I wanted a place to post them. I place where other people can see them and use them and add to them. If someone actually uses, what a concept, an idea and makes a million dollars, good on them.

Soo, I’m going to build it. The way it should be. It’s an idea to support ideas. The web app will be a place for people to build out and collaborate on ideas. To use them and share them. To talk about, consult, and critique them in a format that is easy to edit and understand. It’s coming soon.